PSY 3024 Students Perception of Industrial Internship Program

PSY 3024 Students Perception of Industrial Internship Program



Discussion Post Requirements:


Responses must be well thought out and well written.

Responses must include 2+ references to the readings, videos, and/or activities assigned for the week.

Responses must focus on both course material and personal reflection.

Initial responses must be between 350-500 words and posted no later than Wednesday by 11:59 p.m.

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Please pick one of the below topics to respond to:

Topic 1

What are some research topics that interest you? Check out the Department of Psychology’s research page, which includes both on-campus and external research opportunities. Which of these opportunities are you interested in? How will this help you meet your career goals? What specific steps will you take to gain research experience (if any)?


If you’re a non-psych major, please respond to the same questions above for your major and use websites associated with your major’s department to find research opportunities.


Topic 2

Your top priority as a student is to create an academic track record that will maximize your access to opportunities after graduation. What kinds of high-impact practices are appealing to you? Where and when have you been able to exercise leadership? What leadership opportunities will you seek out at both FIU and externally?


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