PSY 610 Grand Canyon University Coaching Process

PSY 610 Grand Canyon University Coaching Process


Create a “living guide” of coaching steps that a life coach would use in an initial session to assist in building a road map with the client (review the text on pages 47 – 55 for steps).


In 750-1,000 words, include the following in your “living guide””


Summarize each coaching step.

Describe, for each coaching step, the strategies you would use in an initial client session.

Explain what skills the coach will need to effectively apply the step/strategy with a client.

Include three to five scholarly references with in-text citations. Must use the textbook as one reference.


Menendez, D. S., & Williams, P. (2015). Becoming a professional life coach: lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training (Second Edition). W.W. Norton & Company.


You can find pages 47-55 for steps


Read “Chapter 3: The Coaching Process, Steps One to Four,” by Payne in Coaching for High Performance (2007).



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