PSY 610 Grand Canyon University Physical and Natural Response System

PSY 610 Grand Canyon University Physical and Natural Response System


Complete “How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?” located on the MindTools website,; then give or have someone else complete the same assessment for comparison. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, do the following:


Compare and contrast your emotional intelligence results to someone with whom you interact.

Recommend coaching strategies for improving level of emotional intelligence for self and for volunteer subjects.

Describe steps you will take to be “in check” with your emotions, include some possible consequences of not being “in check” with your emotions.

Describe how you will ensure that your emotional state is appropriate when interacting with clients.

Include three to four scholarly references with in-text citation. All students must utilize the textbook.


Menendez, D. S., & Williams, P. (2015). Becoming a professional life coach: lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training (Second Edition). W.W. Norton & Company.



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