Psychotherapy Case Study

Psychotherapy Case Study


Academic Paper 3


Based on your text book and class lectures write a 2500 words academic paper:

Psychotherapy Case Study

This is a THREE PART in-depth study of a person seeking psychotherapy. This is an

ACADEMIC PAPER. Make sure you write in the third person and refer to my notes on writing

academic papers. For this case study you may choose someone you know personally, someone

from the movies or TV, a completely imaginary character or the subject could be you.

Part 1: Presenting Case Study

Part 2: Intervention through Psychoanalytic, Behavioristic and Humanistic therapies

Part 3: Living a productive life

Grading Rubrics

Make sure you follow my notes on Writing Academic Papers

Use this Grading Rubrics as the outline for your paper and use sub-headings for each


Part 1

Creative Title (5)

  1. Background Information: (8)

Write out the relevant factors such as age, gender, family and social relationships, drug and

alcohol history, life difficulties, goals and coping skills and weaknesses etc. etc.

  1. Presenting Problem (10)

Describe the problems or symptoms that called for a therapeutic intervention: for example, a.

The client’s complaint of any physical, emotional or behavior problems. Thoughts, feelings

and perceptions related to the symptoms. b. Describe the problems and symptoms of the

client observed by family and friends.

  1. Diagnosis (7)

State your diagnosis. Explain your conclusion based on the symptoms or criteria given in your

text book or DSM 5.


Part 2: Intervention




Describe the specific methods that each therapist would use with your client.




  1. Psychoanalytical Approach (10)
  2. Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) Approach (10)
  3. Humanistic Approach (10)

Part 3: Living a productive and successful life

(Continue to write this part in the third person)

  1. Critique of the three types of intervention in this case: (15)

Describe how your client would respond to each therapist and the effectiveness of the treatment

approach. Note the difficulties and successes encountered by your client with each therapist.

  1. Best Treatment Plan (write in the third person): (20)

Develop the best treatment plan for your client. Describe the client’s reaction to the treatment

and the end result of this approach. Explain why this treatment was successful.

  1. Provide helps to prevent a relapse and tips for your client to live a healthy life. (5)



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