PU8-7000 V4 Week 3 Public Administration

PU8-7000 V4 Week 3 Public Administration


Week 3


Policy Development and implementation


This week, you will delve into the process of formulating public policy. Public policy issues

may range from civil rights issues to privacy issues such as Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme

Court decision on abortion, which relied on the protection of privacy. These issues can

affect how the public votes. Examples include the current issue about the voter

registration of prisoners and allowing non-citizens to vote in government and presidential


Because policy can be coercive and derives its legitimacy from representative

democracy’s various branches, the concepts and challenges surrounding public policy

formulation are unique to this field. Public policy making incorporates numerous factors

such as economics, sociology, and human ecology.

ln public administration, there are many aspects of economics such as Financial

Administration, Agriculture, budgetary processes, and lndustrial administration.

Economists hold high positions in public organizations ranging from the city management

team to federal government agencies.

Sociology teaches about people, diversity, and social problems. Sociology is implemented

in public administration, and public servants deal with community development, crime

rates, health services, irnmigration, poverty, and rural issues.

Human ecology examines the role of social, cultural, and psychological factors of the

ecosystem and investigates disruptions such as the effects of population density on

health, social organization, and environmental quality. For example, the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) improves the health, living conditions, and economic

opportunities such as for people living near Superfund sites. The Superfund programs are

responsible for the cleanup of most contaminated land and also respond to environmental

emergencies such as oil spills and natural disasters such as hurricanes (Wheeler, n.d.).

For example, the policy streams model of policy making was founded on the Garbage Can

model of decision-making, while incremental policy making rests on the rational model of

decision making. The Garbage Can model, developed by Cohen, Olsen, and March in

!972, is an irrational model of decision making assuming that problems, solutions, and



participants are disconnected and exist as separate organizational streams. The

application of the garbage can model in public administration can be linked to the fact

that politicians consistently change with election cycles, multiple competing preferences,

and problems that arise from current events gaining or losing focus based on media

coverage. Policies may be proposed by think tanks or lobby groups (Weible & Schlager,

2076). The punctuated equilibrium model borrowed concepts from the hard sciences,

while public choice policy models are heavily economic in nature.


Weible, C., & Schlager E. (2076). The multiple streams approach at the theoretical and

empirical crossroads: An introduction to a special issue. Policy Studies Journal, 44(l),5-

  1. doi:70.1777 / psj.1.2743

Wheeler, A” (n.d.). Department of Environmental Protection [Web resource]. United States

E nvi ra n m e n ta I Protecti o n Age ncy.

Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the

information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.




Week 3 – Assignment: Assess A Previously

Unsuccessful Policy



lmagine you are interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times about President

Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of L994.




You take notes during your interview to prepare for a memo you must submit to your

supervisor in this week’s briefings. lnclude the following in your submission:

. Appraise the political and societal issues in the 1990s.

. Present the crime rate in the early 199Os.

. Provide an overview of the policy.

. Justify the political explanation for the policy.

. Critique the goals and objectives of the policy and determine if they have been


. Explain why and how the policy failed.

. Facilitate suggestions for improvements to the policy.

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these

specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may

be included.

l-ength: 5-7 pages, not including tltle and reference pages

Your assignnrent should dernonstrate thoughtful ccnsideration of the ideas and concepts

presented in the course by prcviding new thoughts and insights relatlng directly t* this



to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic lntegrity Policy’

Upload your assignment using the upload button, and then click the submit to Dropbox



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