PUB 660 Application of Principles of Leadership Governance & Management

PUB 660 Application of Principles of Leadership Governance & Management


The purpose of this assignment is to utilize the experiences from the Topic 1-4 CLC assignments to reflect on your applications of the principles of leadership, governance, and management in establishing a plan for a local, community public health intervention and your performance as the member of an interprofessional team.


In a 750-1,000 word reflection, discuss the following:


Evaluate your performance as a member of the CLC team. Include discussion of how you applied principles of servant leadership and how you applied principles of leadership, governance, and management to create a vision, empower others, foster collaboration, and guide decision making. Provide specific examples of group interactions as support.

Think about your interactions with the members of your CLC team. Discuss specific ways you implemented leadership and management skills in ways that helped to develop the leadership skills of others within the group. Provide specific examples to illustrate your ideas. Include discussion of how application of leadership skills, including the tenets of servant leadership, could be applied to the development of cross-cultural partnerships in a public health setting.

Reflect upon the intervention and crisis management plan your group developed and consider what you learned about your personal leadership style and traits. As the leader of an interprofessional team, would you feel confident in your ability to execute the plan? Why? Include discussion related to whether you would have to adapt the plans in any way in order to lead and manage the team in a way that fosters trust and allows you to be an agent of change to create a culture of health.



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