PUB-7020 Public Management Theory Assignment 8

PUB-7020 Public Management Theory Assignment 8


Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and voice notes (to meet ADA requirements) to present your recommendations to the city/county officials, the city police department, the surrounding area sheriff’s departments, and the public. In your presentation include the following points:


Current issues that need a new approach and solution e.g. rioting

A “layman’s” definition of collaborative public management (CPM)

Describe the concept of jurisdictions and their limitations

The benefits of using a CPM approach to current societal issues are alleviating social pressure and addressing issues of diversity and inclusion.

Identify the agencies that need to be involved

The process of creating a collaboration contract

Five key components of an effective collaborative contract.

Length: The assignment needs to include at least 8-10 slides excluding the title and reference slides.


References: Include a minimum of 6 scholarly references.


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