REA 515 Grand Canyon University Role of the Reading Literacy Specialist Presentation

REA 515 Grand Canyon University Role of the Reading Literacy Specialist Presentation


The Role Of The Reading/Literacy Specialist



As a leader on a school campus, it is important to build rapport and establish a culture for collaboration and flexibility. The reading/literacy specialist must be prepared to support all teachers in the classroom with their assessments, data analysis, and instructional planning to help them improve students’ literacy skills.


For this assignment, create an 8-10 slide digital presentation  to share with teachers at the beginning of the school year. The presentation should represent your role as a reading/literacy specialist and how you plan to establish relationships with teachers and staff on campus, as well as families and communities that support the school.


Your presentation should include the following:


Plans to establish the role of the reading/literacy specialist schoolwide

PLC initiatives (meeting frequency, implementation plans)

Schoolwide opportunities to engage families with personal reading activities that will help support students in achieving goals set by the reading/literacy specialist

At least 2-3 examples of how the reading/literacy specialist will engage and support the community to enhance literacy

Minimum of 3-4 examples to support teachers with instruction and assessments

Leadership expectations of the reading/literacy specialist that support reading on school sites and within the district

Professional Dispositions you will use when supporting students, teachers, and administrators that demonstrate Christian values  of love, compassion, and the greater good



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