RU Corporate Strategy Final Project Paper

RU Corporate Strategy Final Project Paper


Students will construct 15 Power Point slides for their assigned Corporate Strategy Final

Project writing a comprehensive report about their company’s strategic management


My choice is: AMAZON


Project slides will include the following information about your company:

1. Start with your first slide stating your selected company name, your name, and the date.

You should add a company logo or pictures of its products or services.

2. Write a brief firm industry overview.

3. Write a company overview including recent revenue and profit.

4. Write about the company’s major stakeholders.

5. Write a SWOT Analysis for your company.

6. Write an industry analysis for your assigned company using Porter’s Five Forces Model

7. Write about your company’s Value Chain.

8. Using the Resource–Based View of the Firm, write about your company’s tangible and

intangible resources.

9. Write about your company’s current position within its Industry Life–Cycle stages. What

are the strategic implications for your company’s future at this stage?

10. What important business lessons has your company learned from recent executive or

board of directors’ mistakes?

11. Write about what your company is currently working on to recognize entrepreneurial


12. Provide examples of how your company demonstrates its commitment to operating as a

highly ethical organization.

13. Write examples of how your company supports business revenue and profit growth by

managing innovation. Write about different types of innovation.

14. Write a brief management consulting analysis describing your recommendations for the

successful future strategic direction of your company.

15. References and Citations


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