SOC 450 Strayer University Benefits and Costs of Food Technology

SOC 450 Strayer University Benefits and Costs of Food Technology


Week 7 Discussion: Benefits and Consequences of TECHNOLOGY


Class, Welcome to Week 7


Chapter 9, “Technology,” in your textbook discusses how technological advancements and changes may affect how we can work to find solutions for the global threats discussed so far. Technological advances can and do affect development in positive and negative ways.


Task 1) Answer the following questions in complete sentences, DO NOT provide LISTS or points will be deducted: Remember to cite your work!


1)Besides biotechnology, identify one technology that seems to have the greatest potential positive effect on food security.

2)Discuss any potential negative uses of that technology.

3)In what ways do the benefits of these technologies outweigh the potential negative consequences they have on food security? Be specific and provide examples

Minimum 1-2 paragraphs



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