SOCI 122 Charlotte Sociology Race and Ethnicity

SOCI 122 Charlotte Sociology Race and Ethnicity


Please reflect on and answer the following questions through a written essay response of between approximately 250 and 750 words (going a little over is okay, but try to hit the word count where possible). The essay will be graded on demonstrated knowledge of course content through accurate definitions, explanations, examples, and citations in ASA format. You do not need a references page for this assignment. The rubric is also available on Sakai. Copy and paste your answer into online Sakai assignments.


Paragraph 1: Native, Black and White People

List the three persistent characteristics of the term American Indian.

Describe the legacy of Bacon’s Rebellion.

Define empire-state.

Explain why the United States constitutes an empire-state.

Explain how European ethnic groups became racialized as White.

Describe the tension between political and racial identity for Indigenous/Nativepeoples.

Paragraph 2: Hispanic People and Incorporation

Describe the borderlands.

Explain the history of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Describe alien citizenship and how it racializes two groups of people.

Explain the relationship between immigration and racial schemas.

Paragraph 3: Asian People and Immigration

Describe the institutional factors shaping Asian Americans’ reception.

Explain the relationship between capitalism and Chinese Americans’ reception.

Explain the relationship that Asian ethnics have to their ethnicity.

Describe the relationship between the Black/White binary and South Asianracialization.

Paragraph 4: Middle Eastern/North African People and Immigration

Define anti-Muslim racism.

Provide an example of anti-Muslim racism.

Describe the identity development of Syrian immigrants/Americans during thefirst U.S. immigration wave.

Explain the relationship between Muslimness and brownness.



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