SOCW 4100 Walden University Organizational Structure Delivery

SOCW 4100 Walden University Organizational Structure Delivery


1 (a) Discussion -Open Forum


This ungraded, open forum is a place to pose questions to or share experiences with colleagues.


Your Instructor may also pose a question or suggestion.




Share one experience or tip. (Required Readings

Sweitzer, H. F., & King, M. A. (2019). The successful internship: Personal, professional, and civic development in experiential learning (5th ed.). Cengage.


Chapter 9, “Widening the Context” (pp. 240–246)

1(b) Discussion – Organizational structure Delivery

This week, your reading covered an agency’s organizational structure, connection with other agencies, organizational politics, and power and influence. In this Discussion, you analyze the organizational characteristics—that is, the culture—of your internship organization.

Consider the above aspects within your agency.


Explain how you see one of the following affecting service delivery, programs, and your role as an intern in your agency:

Organizational structure

Connection with other agencies

Organizational politics

Power and influence

Identify one strength in the agency to help meet a challenge presented by the item you chose.



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