SSDA 320A Norwich University Homeland Security & Information Operations    

SSDA 320A Norwich University Homeland Security & Information Operations    




Part 1:


Briefly explain what State-sponsored terrorism is, what safe havens for terrorists are, and how they are different.




Gaines, L. and Kappeler, V. (2012). Homeland Security. Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall, Digital ISBN: 9780133003086


Part 2:


How does Perception Management fit into IO, and which US government organization had the lead for PM activities prior to 9/11 as compared to after 9/11? In your opinion, which US government should have the lead for PM?


Part 3:


What are the service IO centers of excellence? How well do they work together and how could they work better in the future?




Information Warfare: Separating Hype from Reality, Edwin L. Armistead. Potomac Books, April 2007, pages 27-44, 139-151.

Optional Readings


Information Operations Matters: Best Practices, Leigh Armistead, Potomac Books, Inc, May 2010, page 62-81.

  1. Army War College. (2011, Nov.). Information Operations Primer(AY 2012 ed.). U.S. Army War College: pages 67-98.




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