Strategic Leadership Entrepreneurship

Strategic Leadership Entrepreneurship





The Homework Hangout Inc.




Strategic Leadership Entrepreneurship




The Homework Hangout Incorporated must be recognized as a company that is able to create a dual sphere of influence that will not only recognized as institute but as viable entity of the community for educational support. These spheres will create the bases of the company will be the direct clients and employees within the functioning organizations operations. The second sphere is the influence of community leaders within the community. This sphere is key in the completion of the mission statement for the long term. This can be successfully created and built with the strength of these leaders influencing the clients to look into our assistance in learning opportunity, and then the next portion of the leadership influence will be internally performed. When we ignore the roles our spheres of influence play in the success of any business venture the result can be very perilous to the business (Tharakan,2016).


As the business strives to open the doors for The Homework Hangout much of the influences that will build up the company will stem from the school leaders, and community leaders.  These leaders will have to accept the plan of a cooperative engagement between public plans and the organizations that plan to help the youth. This program will assist in creating this establishment that will better students through coaching, social skills building, and opportunities for involvement within the community.


The influence the staff will have on the clients is a tenuous one at best. When dealing with youth of the community the staff must be flexible in approaches to each individual and the cultural differences they have. The key for success of the staff will be to always remember to be respectful and nurturing to the needs without appearing to be controlling while allowing the clients to grow in confidence and knowledge of their potential in attaining the dreams and goals they have. Our roles in influencing the young minds and future leaders of the communities in which they live relies heavily on the role models the staff must be to influence them.


The leadership bias of the organization potentially could encounter would be limited lines communication or decision-making between leaders, staff members, and other stakeholders within the community. As the Homework Hangout matures, there may be times when immediate decisions have to be made without thoroughly thinking it through or soliciting the input of other members involved with the organization. Furthermore, the purchase of equipment or the signing of a contract or engagement or even the building of a new complex to hold a new activity facility. Although the intentions are in the best interests, the results may not always work to full advantage. As the Homework continues to expand and gain a better stance in the community, there will be a time when the recruitment process for board members will arise. However, for the time being the Homework Hangout will practice CEO duality.


As the Homework Hangout grows, the core competencies identified may change over time to tailor to the present trends, or in some cases, the core competency may not change at all to keep up with the trend which could deter some clients away. For example, one of the services mentioned was a place for kids to enjoy the company of their friends while listening to music. Should the type of music being played is not the current trend; some clients might find other places to hangout instead.


The Homework Hangout may encounter some issues such as retaining staff members, retaining community support, competing with other organizations and maintain financial status. The key to maintaining human capital is to find members with the same vision in helping and nurturing the youth to expand their horizons as well as ensuring proper training is completed. Although the focus is on enriching the youth’s lives, there will always be a community member that will find a reason to object and will solicit followers. It will be most beneficial to the Homework Hangout to find immediate solutions to quickly address those types of situations and to educate the community on what factors influence the youth and the purpose of the Homework Hangout’s purpose.


As always the competition among other organizations in the same industry will be present, it maybe is helpful to welcome competition and use it as a learning tool in what strategies work and learning not only from internal failures but external as well. As the Homework Hangout continues to grow and make a stance in the business world, finances will be an issue at the forefront. How will activities be funded? How will our staff be paid, and how will we provide the required supplies to maintain this business? The answer will come from the financial officer’s hands. The Financial officer will be proactive in obtaining funds either through grants, fund raising, or through profit and will ensure the activities provided are with in the fiscal year’s budget. There may be many other hurdles the Homework Hangout will encounter but these issues are at the forefront.


The Homework Hangout’s leaders will need to demonstrate various leadership styles in order to lead the company in the future, through changing business climates.  When hiring instructors for tutoring and homework help a large amount of Laissez-Faire leadership style.  Additionally autocratic and participative leadership styles will likely be used in the company’s future.     Autocratic leadership will be important in key situations as puts it “Managers possess total authority and impose their will on employees,” (Johnson 2016).  Participation will be key for inspiring teamwork and attempting to find future leaders within the companies organization.  Incorporating servant leadership will be key for the company.  The Homework Hangout will incorporate servant leadership through open doors, open media policies, and open conversations rather than demands.


With the different styles of leadership the company leaders will need to utilize while starting this venture, there are areas of strength and weakness that will be inherent to the process. The leaders will garner a strength in the knowledge of current teenage trends for activities, while fulfilling the objective of actively empowering each client to reach their full potential using multiple approaches to assist in the understanding of the subjects they are asking for help with. The instructors will be mostly students who are pursuing college degrees who have a desire to share knowledge and help kids learn. This desire is a large strength to carry the culture of the business. They must be of a servant style of mind when working with the clients. The biggest strength is, “How can the organization assist the client in reaching the goals they have set?”


Weaknesses to this business is being overwhelmed when not staffed correctly to meet the client load. If the staff is not able to provide enough one on one interaction with clients to feel they are important, the clients will not return. This weakness is one that can be very detrimental to the organization. Other weaknesses may occur as the financial aspects and curriculums become developed with the assistance of the local school districts the company serves. The time to incorporate changes in the curriculums as they happen will also provide a weak link in the business. With the right leadership these weaknesses can be held to a minimum effect and eventually become strengths as the leadership builds strategies to assimilate changes seamlessly into the business. One other weakness at the startup of the business is the lack of a longstanding reputation within the community.   The Homework Hangout will need to build this reputation through focusing on the mission and vision of the company. The community will need to experience the difference in our philosophy over those of our competitors. The continual evaluation of strengths and weaknesses must be an integral part of our strategy in building a successful company (Baldwin,2016).


Leadership can be the rise and fall of a company and can be decided upon in the first few months of planning or end up failing you years down the road.  The results the Homework Hangout expects are very high and as such, leadership will be a key part to bring this together.  Leadership can inspire people to work harder and do things the correct way or the wrong way, as such leadership is essential in this business as much as any other.




















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