Strayer University That Deal With Juveniles Questionnaire

Strayer University That Deal With Juveniles Questionnaire


Question 1: (150 words)


African-American juveniles account for a disproportionate amount of all juvenile arrests for serious crimes. However, white juveniles are arrested more often than African-American youths. Furthermore, self-reports indicate that African-American and white juveniles commit similar amounts of delinquency and youths from lower economic classes are more likely to commit serious offenses.


What would these facts mean to you if you were working as a juvenile justice professional?

Who is the typical juvenile offender?

What are the most common delinquent acts that children are charged with?

Respond to the following:


Question 2: (150 words)


“My name is Marqueda, I have been a student here at NMSU for about a year now. I have been consistent with keeping a GPA of 4.0. I missed the mark slightly this last term due to personal reasons. However, we are starting a new term and I am determined to get back to that 4.0. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my kids and grandkids. Did I mention I am a twin, yes a sister. I look forward to learning more about how to help our juveniles become more productive in today’s society instead of being a statistic. Facts when working with juveniles should be based on the individual and not race or gender. Often, juveniles do not understand how to express pain and hurt, so they begin to act out in ways that give the wrong attention. A typical juvenile offender is one that commits crimes continuously. You have juveniles that commit a crime once and learn their lesson, on the other hand, you have juveniles that commit the same crime over and over. This leads to committing more crimes into adulthood. Although, the most common crimes committed by juveniles would be grand theft auto, breaking and entering, and robbery, there has been a spike in murders and shootings.”



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