Taxation and Spending Essay

Taxation and Spending Essay


Taxation, spending and public policy are highly attached to each other. In the US the budgetary committees hold a discussion on matters of who gains what and how. The US Congress indicates the fact that every public policy is under the enactment of a debater. Taxation and spending at times lead to division, that is, between the republicans and the democrats for their different opinions. Also, the wealthy gains more and hence highly and easily influence the state and the government. If the state raises tax during a recession, it may end up losing funds when it resumes from the recession. However, public policy may influence the tax and spending policies; this is due to some policies need votes and percentages of the majority.

Taxation and spending cause the difference between the republicans and the democrats in the budgetary process (Reed, 2006). For instance, Schwarneeger raised a proposal of filling the gap of private airplanes and yachts. By doing this, the project would have raised quite a lot of money, $21 million which was higher than what the state needed $16 million.

The rich people gain more from different incomes, and this includes; bonuses, stock options, and capital gains. Therefore, in California, if the market falls precipitously it could lead to the decline of prosperity in California drastically. This is as a result of, approximately one percent of the earners, roughly pays half the income tax. Cases of inequality in income distribution. The increase in income tax for an individual leads to a reduction of inequity. Therefore, the higher share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) acquired from people tends to have a positive impact on the income distribution as well. Also, spending tends to have a higher GDP share in relation to social amenities such as health, education, and housing which bring about a positive impact on mass or individual distribution of income. Most states on 2009 raised taxes during recession and by so doing they experienced opposite results. They collect an amount of $787 billion which was used to boost the economic growth; the government spent $246 billion on expenditures.  This idea was not very beneficial because as of 2010 the money started to go down and the economy resumed to full recovery. Taxation efficiency and inefficiency are demonstrated by the rate by which the taxation level impacts the level of collection of the budget revenue and tax avoidance directly (Starling, 2010).

Public policy may have an effect on taxes in that; it may trigger blockage when the two third rule of the majority vote did not adhere. For instance, the cutting of prison’s expenditure not counted for nearly ten percent was apparently impossible in the California budget due to the guard union authority in prisons. According to Starling (2010) public policies, tend to restrict the state’s expenditure. It nearly seems impossible, to create a balanced budget through the cutting of the state’s expenditure, example, basing on the 2001 recession in the US.

The States should, therefore, avoid increasing tax during a recession and instead develop other better methods of raising revenues such as charging members of the public involved in accidents or other forms of misconduct. Also, every member of the public should participate in making the taxation policies. The participation facilitates fairness among members of the public and the state. For a government to avoid inequity, spending should be evenly distributed, therefore, avoiding split opinions between the republicans and the democrats.





Reed, W. R. (2006). Democrats, Republicans, and taxes: Evidence that political parties matter. Journal of Public Economics, 90(4), 725-750.


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