The evaluation plan for an evidence-based practice project

The evaluation plan for an evidence-based practice project



The Rationale For Methods Of Data Collection



The methods used in collecting outcome data rely on consideration of the purpose of research, users of the evaluation, and the degree of intrusiveness. The respondents and the resources available are also critical in the determination of the methods of data collection. (Turner 2014).


The methods applied will be appropriate to meet the evaluation and the questions thereof. The technique will provide satisfaction to the stakeholders. The approach will be less interruptive to the respondents; moreover, itshall be linguistically and culturally appropriate to the respondents(Turner 2014). Availability of resources(time and money) is an important aspect too. Feasibility of resources and the researcher’s abilities should be considered. Finally, the type of information required will dictate the method of collecting the data.




Ways In Which Outcome Measures Evaluate Achievement Of Project Objectives



The outcome measures are significant in the attainment of project objectives.  This process has to be resonating to stakeholders while providing for valuable feedback for planning. It also establishes insight based on purpose and direction. Outcome measures will also evaluate achievement for objectives by enabling resource and performance-based planning and change. By reflecting changes in policy, rules and regulations, behavior, skills or competence, the outcome measures determine the extent to which projects objectives are achieved.




How The Outcome Will Be Measured



The properties of outcome measures that form an integral part of the researcher’s evaluation and selection include validity, reliability, and applicability(Harrison & Lock 2017). Reliability is the extent to which other measure remains consistent and unchanged upon test and retest, or across various assessors. Validity is the degree to which the measure is directed to what it is expected to measure; it determines that the data elements are correct and reflects quality. Finally, applicability emphasizes the usability of the outcome. It is the measure of the degree at which the result will be relevant to the performance improvement.




Strategies To Take When Outcomes Do Not Produce Positive Results



In case the outcome fails to meet expected results, quality improvement strategies and techniques will be helpful. The institution will need to establish a culture of quality in their practice. The organization’s processes and procedures have to be integrated with quality improvement efforts. The culture of practice refers to how the team’s attitude, actions, and behaviors embrace quality.


The organization will focus on prioritizing potential areas for improvement by identifying issues such as poor communication, low morale, and other management issues. Further, communication of results to the staffs shall be necessary for planning and implementing the QI objectives. There is a need to communicate the project’s priorities, needs, actions and results to all personnel. Finally, there will be a need to embrace ongoing evaluation; improving performance and revisiting effectiveness and interventions.(Harrison & Lock 2017).




Implications For Practice And Future Research



Due to its uniqueness of the knowledge, findings, and information, this study proves significant to the management of the organization. The results point at a specific set of capabilities, decision styles, information sources and attitude towards knowledge and evidence that is likely to set the performance of the organization at the rise. To the future research, surveyors will have a point of reference and baseline to hook their studies.






Turner, J. R. (2014). Handbook of project-based management(Vol. 92). New York, NY: McGraw-hill.


Harrison, F., & Lock, D. (2017). Advanced project management: a structured approach. Routledge.



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