Vector-Borne Disease

Vector-Borne Disease


The vector borne disease to be discussed in this case will be the Lyme disease. It is caused by ticks which spread the disease on the animals and human beings. The following pictorials illustrate the cycle and effects of the disease.


Factors Contribute To Spread Disease



The factors that lead to the spread of Lyme disease are mainly related to the changing seasons (Aguiar, 2011). The changing cycle is illustrated below with the respective seasons.


Pathway Or Chain Of The Disease



The pathway of infection is as shown below. The disease moves from infected human beings or ticks or infected rats. The transmission modes are well shown below and the host is also shown.

Effect Of The Disease



The diagram below shows that the main areas that the disease affects.





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Ogden, N. H., Radojević, M., Wu, X., Duvvuri, V. R., Leighton, P. A., & Wu, J. (2014). Estimated Effects of Projected Climate Change on the Basic Reproductive Number of the Lyme Disease Vector Ixodes scapularis. Environmental Health Perspectives,122(6), 631-638.



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