Introduction to Literary Art & Prose and Music Discussion

November 23, 2020| Homework Lance

Introduction to Literary Art & Prose and Music Discussion

Discussion 2: Poetry/Prose and Music – The discussions consist of a multi-paragraph art analysis and critical comments. For the analysis, you will evaluate two of the featured works from Unit 2 using the stages of observation. Also, you will pose two discussion questions related to one or both of the works you have selected. For the comments, you will critique the responses of two of your peers and attempt to answer the questions they posed. The prompt response should be 750 – 1000 words and each of the comments should be 200 – 400 words.

Art Analysis [30 points]

Firstly, address the formal characteristics of each work (stage 2). Secondly, address the historical conditions of each work (stage 3). Thirdly, present an argument about the meaning and/or purpose of the works and a judgement about the effectiveness of the works based on their cultural contexts (stages 4 & 5). Lastly, pose two discussion questions for your peers to answer. The questions should be inspired by individual curiosity or understanding.

Here are some questions to help generate and organize ideas for your analysis: What are the defining characteristics of the works? When, where, and by whom were the works created? Why, and for whom, were the works created? What were the major events and ideas which shaped the works? How compelling and/or successful are the works?

Comments [20 points, 10 points each]

To earn full credit for your comments, you must comment on the two posts which follow your own post in the discussion thread. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the poster’s analysis by considering how well they answered the above questions. You should identify at least one strength and one weakness. Then, to the best of your ability, answer one of the two discussion questions posed by the poster.


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