LAVC The Iconography One Element of Last Judgement of Hunefer Discussion

November 22, 2020| Homework Lance

LAVC The Iconography One Element of Last Judgement of Hunefer Discussion

For this discussion assignment you will not need to do peer response however you will need to respond to my questions instead. in this discussion on Iconography and the Last Judgement of Hunefer.

1. Review the readings on Egyptian art to understand the cultural context.

2. Read Laurie-Schneider Adam’s short essay on Iconography.

3. Using iconographic analysis you will as a group examine “The Last Judgement of Hunefer” Image and link below.

4. Each member of your group is responsible for one aspect of the papyrus scroll image, so choose only 1 element to do an iconographic analysis on. There are are several so you cannot repeat one that has already been chosen. (you can see the posts for this before you post your own.)

5. Your individual post should be in 2 parts: 1. a brief description of why and how art historians use iconography and you must cite the essay (in other words you cannot google the definition). 2. One element of the painting you have decided to identify and then explain its symbolism.



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