How many chairs should the firm order each time?

November 23, 2020| Homework Lance

How many chairs should the firm order each time?



1. Write a 2 page memo (use a MS Word template) that relates how at least 2 Quality Improvement tools (such as the cause and effect diagram (Ishakawa), PARETO charts, etc.) to the PDCA or DMAIC methods of Quality Management.

All information is in the course text – external research is not required. Keep the memos succinct and business-like.

2. Write a one page memo that explains the relationship between bottlenecks and TAKT time?

3. Ergonomics, Inc. sells ergonomically designed office chairs. The company provided the following information:

Average Demand = 15 units per day

Average lead time = 20 days

Item unit cost = $60 for orders of less than 200 units

Item unit cost = $58 for orders of more 200 units or more

Ordering costs = $30

Inventory carrying costs = 25%

The business year is 250 days

Based on the above information:

How many chairs should the firm order each time?
What will the firm’s average inventory be under each alternative?
What will be the breakdown of cost for each alternative?
Assume there is no uncertainty at all about demand or the lead time.

Please include calculations.




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