What are the pros and cons of having the U.N. Security Council?

November 21, 2020| Homework Lance

What are the pros and cons of having the U.N. Security Council?


* Each question just needs a one page response. As soon as it hits a page, you can go on to the next question. The answer can be pretty brief

1.Currently, the U.S. has taken a protectionist step by imposing tariffs on certain imported goods. What purpose does this serve? Using examples from news and/or historical sources, explain the pros and cons of a “trade war.” Use terms from the February 12th reading to support your argument, addressing how this can affect different countries’ GDPs, as well as the profits of individuals/companies.

2.What are the pros and cons of having the U.N. Security Council? Should the membership be changed to be more inclusive of other nations? What is a practical way of achieving that goal (i.e. having the current five permanent members relinquish power), or why is it best to keep the current membership as it is? Support your position with examples.

3. Climate Change stands to create mass migration and environmental refugees on a scale unprecedented in modern history. Already low-lying countries such as Bangladesh are seeing coastal populations flee inward to already over-taxed cities. What steps can be taken to address these migrations? Do developed nations have a responsibility to accept climate refugees, being that industry is the primary cause of sea level rise? Support your position.



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