QDP Corporation’s AMTI is $577,500 for 2015

April 15th, 2017

) QDP Corporation’s AMTI is $577,500 for 2015. Its regular tax liability is $114,250. What is its AMT?

8.) TerraWise Inc. reported the following information for 2015:


Regular taxable income $5,750,000

Regular depreciation $875,000

ATM depreciation $635,000

Adjusted basis of equipment sold – Regular $101,300

Adjusted basis of equipment sold – AMT $145,200

Income from a private-activity municipal bond issued in 2006 $51,500

Unfavorable ACE adjustment $41,500

What is TerraWise Inc.’s AMTI?

10.) In 2015, AutoUSA Inc. received $5,700,000 of book income, including $31,000 of interest income from tax-exempt municipal bonds. AutoUSA reported $4,700,000 of regular business expenses. If it made $361,000 of estimated tax payments (prepayments) throughout the tax year, what is its tax due or tax refund when it files its return? Assume AutoUSA pays taxes at a flat 34 percent rate and disregard the alternative minimum tax.

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