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For students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, MPhil and PhD programs, it is a well-known fact that they should write down their research papers and publish them in another type of journal. Although this practice has become quite commonplace since the Higher Education Commission obliged students to submit an intelligent research paper for these degrees, most students are still struggling with all the basics of writing research paper.

We at Thesis Writing Help have started assisting students by providing them with a Research Paper Writing Service, which not only assists students in writing their research papers, but also assists them in publishing articles. For students who are experiencing difficulties in dealing with the distribution of research papers, we serve as their assistants and assist them throughout the program. Therefore, at the moment we are one of the rare educational forums that assists students by providing them with a quality Research Paper Writing Service within their budget.
The research paper could be your thesis or your book or it could be just a general research paper.

The difference is:
• Word count
• Research capacity

After four years of studying for their Bachelor’s degree, students are given the task of writing a research paper that they must do in-depth research and present a flawless research paper in front of their teachers. The same applies to Masters, MPhil and PhDs worldwide where a student is given a set time to submit his / her research paper. The time also varies depending on the degree of qualification, such as a doctoral or PhD degree, a maximum time limit allowed for eight years otherwise the degree is revoked and the student enrollment is also canceled.
Typically, a research paper contains the following structure, which varies in word count and depth of research depending on the title:


Sections of A Research Paper
Critical Literature Review
Findings/Data Analysis


In details, each section is explored below for a deeper understanding:


(1) Abstract: This is the first and foremost part of a research paper, which summarizes and should provide a clear overview of the entire research paper.

(2) Acknowledgments: In this section, you are basically grateful for all the people and institutions that gave you the guidance and resources to do research and complete your research paper as a whole.

(3) Table of Contents: As the name suggests, you need to edit your sections and chapters in the Table of Contents for easy viewing by the viewer.

(4) Introduction: This section of the research paper covers research objectives and research objectives, which may be more than three, and should be clearly defined. The introduction also provides the background to the research topic, and how the student came to the conclusion of the topic.

(5) Key Literature Review: This section aims to provide an in-depth analysis of all available research on the topic of research, what research posts can be closed, what the author’s opinion is etc.
Alternatively, the author should provide reasons for selecting the research methods selected in this section, while providing a review of the research questions.

(6) Methods: Research methods include any research methods that the author has used in conducting and compiling research. Methods include qualitative and quantitative research, and should be explained in detail for students to be informed.


(7) Findings / Data Analysis: The research conducted is described in this section in the form of findings. This is a very important point because it sets out the reasons why research has been shown to be beneficial and that there have been findings.
The findings are also analyzed and described in this section, in relation to the title of the research paper.

(8) Conclusion: The conclusion should provide a summary of the entire research paper, in which the author can give his views on the topic and give reasons for conducting research on a particular topic.

(9) Recommendations: The recommendation section is also a very important part of the research paper, because the author should provide suggestions on what future research should be done on the topic of the research paper.


Research collected and used in the research paper should be identified by a recommended quotation method. This is also important for the research paper because teachers and administrators must ensure that the research used is valid and accurate.

This is a typical series of chapters and sections included in the research paper, and the main issue that causes students to initially encounter problems with their research papers is that they are unable to understand the structure from the beginning.

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