Slides should include Rationales examples

November 19, 2020| Homework Lance

Slides should include Rationales examples



Format: APA

sources: 2

Pages: 3

Spacing: Double spaced

Topic: Growth and Development

Details: Minimum of 10 slides including the reference page.
For each age group, discuss the following.
o Health Promotion of Pre-school (3– 6 years)
o Health Promotion of School Age (6 –12 years)
o Health Promotion of Adolescents (12 -20 years)

• Physical Development
• Cognitive Development
• Psychosocial Development
• Age appropriate Activities
• Health Promotion
• Immunization
• Health Screening
• Nutrition
• Injury Prevention

Slides should include Rationales examples, client education, why it is important (what would you want parent’s to know about the specific sections), application of information, etc. PPT should also be age appropriate for age grow with colors and animations.



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