St Marys College Mother Daughter Music Video Discussion

November 22, 2020| Homework Lance

St Marys College Mother Daughter Music Video Discussion

The below skeleton is just a proposed idea of how to break down writing your critical reflection and is by no means a mandatory format. If you are stuck and need helpformatting, see below:

First Paragraph: An Introduction (~100 words)

  • Introduction:What film/tv show/music video are you writing about? Describe what scene you are focusing on. (1-5 sentences)
  • Description of the scene/media:Who are the main characters? Who is “good” and who is “bad”? What do the characters wear? Where is the scene set? What is the lighting or color scheme of the scene? (50 words)
  • The Main Idea, Opinion or Theory:What is your main opinion or thought about the media you watched? What is your theory? What is communicated from the scene? Ideas of class, race, gender, dominant ideologies challenged, dominant ideologies upheld, etc. Does anything stand out as problematic and why? (50 words)

Second Paragraph: Support Material (~100 words)

  • Support Material:How is your opinion supported? What formal elements support your idea/theory/opinion? This includes lighting, sound, costumes/clothing, hair, makeup, accessories, the appearance or style of the characters. What social elements do you feel are communicated? Is there anything in the scene that is metaphorical or symbolic? Do formal elements communicate ideas about class, race, gender, or ideologies?

Third Paragraph: Conclusion (~50 words)

  • Conclusion:How do you feel the scene could be improved or changed? What might you do differently if you were the director, producer or costume designer? Would you have different actors play characters? Would you recommend this media to someone else? Who would you recommend this media to?

Works Cited• In your works cited reference any readings, slide show or media material you have included in your reflection• If you included links to videos or photos in your reflection, you can also include sources for these in your works cited list• Your works cited list can be informal, or any academic format (MLA,APA,etc.)


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