What traits did the character have?

November 22, 2020| Homework Lance

What traits did the character have?


Choose 2 female characters from the Odyssey Part 1,2,3 and determine the role that each female character played in the story. What traits did the character have? Locate specific direct quotes from the story to tell what that character was like. Integrate the specific direct quotes into you body paragraph. This is my EVIDENCE. Explain how your specific direct quote shows how that character exhibited that trait. This is the ANALYSIS. The essay should be 4 paragraphs. The two body paragraphs MUST contain a topic sentence, specific CITED textual evidence, and an explanation of you analysis of HOW the character demonstrated the trait and/or HOW the trait affected the outcome of the story for this character. This is a high school 9th grade essay question for a test. It needs a works cited page which would only be the Odyssey. I would like for the two females to be Circe and Athena.


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