Which Italian city was the most important during the Late Gothic period?

November 19, 2020| Homework Lance

Which Italian city was the most important during the Late Gothic period?



Module 1: General Reading and Video Questions (10 points total):

The answers for these questions can be found in your readings and videos. Each answer should be at least five sentences long and respond to all parts of the question.

  1. Which Italian city was the most important during the Late Gothic period? What was going on in this city that made it so important?
  2. What is tempera (or gold ground) painting? What is fresco painting? How do these two painting techniques differ (materials, process, final appearance)? Provide an example of each technique.
  3. How would you describe Cimabue’s style? What connection does he have to Giotto?
  4. What was new and different about Giotto’s art?
  5. What were some of the similarities and differences between the cities of Florence and Siena?
  6. What was the Black Death and when did it occur? How did the Black Death affect the lives of the people in Europe? How did it affect the art?
  7. Following the Black Death in Europe there were a number of changes in the economic system. Describe these changes. What impact did these changes have on society?
  8. What role did Duccio’s Maesta have in the city of Siena?

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