Why Homework Lance ?

Students from all across the globe trust Homework Lance for all their academic help needs. With different formats to explore, Homework Lance is the ideal platform for students to get online assignment help and online homework help. There are multiple reasons that students choose Homework Lance. Right from 100% correct, plagiarism free solutions to access to expert tutors, cost effectiveness and 24/7 availability, here is a list of features that differentiates Homework Lance !

Expert Tutors



Expert Tutors

Expert Tutors are professionals who specialize in a particular field of study. This person often has exceptional knowledge and skills for a specific domain. expert tutors make great tutors as they have in depth knowledge about the field they choose to engage in. Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to help learners gauge different concepts seamlessly.


100% Correct Solution



At Homework Lance we understand that you trust us with your assignments, help and knowledge sharing and expect correct solutions. Therefore, we make conscious efforts to ensure that all solutions you receive from our e-learning services, be it assignment/ homework help, live sessions or project/ lab work assistance, are 100% correct.


24/7 Availability

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Our panel of subject matter experts is available to help you out with any online tutoring need at any time of the day. We are at your service whenever you need us, no questions asked. Our philosophy of being available around the clock comes from our understanding that learning should never stop and by offering 24/7 assistance, we are doing our bit to help you learn better and improve your grades.


One stop destination for all subject

One stop destination for all subject


At Homework Lance, we offer assistance for all fields of engineering under a single roof. You no longer have to switch between different platforms and can save a lot of time. Our idea of offering online tutoring in all fields of engineering comes from the understanding that toggling between different platforms can be very frustrating for students as they lose a lot of precious time.



Solved on Time


At Homework Lance we believe in the importance of offering solutions right on time. We have a strict policy against late submissions as we understand the impact it can have on your grades. As online assignment help providers, we make it our mission to ensure that all solutions are submitted before the deadline.


Plagiarism Free Solutions

Plagiarism Free Solution

At Homework Lance, we work hard to ensure that every solution you receive is plagiarism free. We have a strict policy against plagiarism and our panel of expert tutors make it a point to help you with original solutions so that you can submit all your assignments and homework questions without the threat or worry of penalization. All our tutors are experts in their fields, ensuring that all solutions that come from them are plagiarism free.

Get 100% Original and Plagiarism Free Work

We do custom work 100% original and plagiarism free .If you need help in any assignment just send us requirements with a time limit ,we will quote a price and after your confirmation ,we start working on your assignment .An original work ready for submission provided to you
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