Write a 3-5 sentence summary of an idea that spoke to you.

November 20, 2020| Homework Lance


Write a 3-5 sentence summary of an idea that spoke to you.

Instructions: Type out five “golden nuggets” that get at the main ideas or themes of the text. These will become the base for our class discussion (so bring a typed version to class).

For each Golden Nugget (5 total nuggets):
1. Start by listing the relevant page numbers for each golden nugget.
2. Write a 3-5 sentence summary of an idea that spoke to you. Make sure that any summaries are in your own words (more than just changing word order). You may start with a short quote, but you will need to expand on that quote with additional sentences in your own words. Often times the best way to summarize involves reading carefully and then closing the book before writing.
3. In an additional couple of paragraphs, interact with the text by adding your own analysis, reactions and questions. Use specific examples and concrete language. Avoid generalizations such as “What the author said about portraits really made me think. I’m inspired to go out and photograph.” See examples below for what I mean about concrete language and specificity.
4. Repeat for a total of 5 nuggets.


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