Write a problem statement with no more than 250 words.

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Write a problem statement with no more than 250 words.



Assignment Title
Choose a Research Topic

Books and Resources
• NCU Libraries. (2018). Preparing to Search
• NCU Libraries. (2018). Primary and Secondary Sources
• NCU Libraries. (2018). Reading Scientific Article
• NCU Libraries. (2018). Research Process
• NCU Libraries. (2018). Research Topic

Creating a Draft Literature Review

This week, you will begin to merge all your knowledge and research into a draft for the preparation of the signature assignment. Review all of your research and writing to begin developing this paper. You will demonstrate your understanding of all the previous week’s work.
• Week 1: You reviewed the essence of a literature review and gained an understanding of the reason for it and what the literature review is used for in academia. You also learned how to find literature.
• Week 2: You developed skills to critically read articles and determined if the article is a match for a topic you are researching. You also learned how to take notes and developed a procedure to follow for your review of articles.
• Week 3: You learned about software to create a library of your own references. You researched different programs and determined which may be best for your research tracking.
• Week 4: You learned how to develop an annotated bibliography and include the main points of an author’s message and critique the article.
• Week 5: You learned the differences between primary sources vs. secondary sources. You also learned about peer-reviewed articles and journals.
• Week 6: You learned about theories and conceptual framework. You also learned how to begin understanding the software program SPSS for your next class.

Remember, this is a draft and it can be rather intimidating to create a literature review. Also, when you get to the stage of your dissertation, every document is a draft until the committee approves it. Then, you will have a final chapter to post.

Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.


This week, you will focus on a topic of your choice and include a problem statement, theory or conceptual framework, and the annotated bibliography from your previous work. This is a draft to get feedback from your professor to complete the Signature Assignment.

The problem statement is between 250-300 words. It describes the gap in the literature or the problem found in the research. It is something that has not been solved. A problem statement is used to describe what the researcher intends to solve. This also includes what is known about the problem or what should be known about the problem. Identify who is impacted if the problem is not solved. Refer back to week 5, if needed to parallel the outline of the problem statement. Include at least one citation from your literature that supports the evidence of a problem.

The purpose statement is written to align with the problem statement. Also, in this section, you will identify the type of study such as qualitative or quantitative methodology. (Since you have not yet studied the methodology, it is in another research block course, you may use your best idea here.) Include a sentence of who the population and number of participants may be for this study. Finally, in one or two paragraphs, describe how you will maintain the confidentiality of the participants.

Assignment Instructions:

Include the following items in your draft:

1. Write a problem statement with no more than 250 words.
2. Write a purpose statement using the directions below.
3. Include two or three paragraphs about a theory or conceptual framework.
4. Add your annotated bibliography from previous work.

From the dissertation template, use the following points to write a purpose statement: Begin with a succinct purpose statement that identifies the study method, design, and overarching goal: “The purpose of this [identify research methodology] [identify research design] study is to [identify the goal of the dissertation that directly reflects and encompasses the research questions that will follow].”

• Indicate how the study is a logical, explicit research response to the stated problem and the research questions that will follow.
• Continue with a brief and clear step-by-step overview of how the study will be (proposal) or was (manuscript) conducted.
• Identify the variables/constructs, materials/instrumentation, and analysis.
• Identify the target population and sample size that will be needed (proposal) or was obtained (manuscript).

Length: 10-12 pages

References: Include a minimum of seven (7) scholarly resources.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Note: All papers are run through TurnItIn.com.



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